N type belt

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N type belt

N type belt

Manufactured by impregnating and calcining fluoroplastic into the Meta-Aramid cloth and molding it into a belt shape.
These belts have better resistance property for bending fatigue than A type and K type belts.


●Bread dough conveyor
●Electric components conveyor

Operating temperature limit

-100°C to +200°C




●These belts have outstanding resistance property for bending fatigue compare to the A type and K type belts.
●The surface of the belt has excellent anti-adhesion qualities, release property, chemical resistance, and heat resistance.
●It can be used on smaller pulley paths or knife edges.
●Meets the 20th notification of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare by the Food hygiene law.

General dimensions table / General traits table

  Product number General thickness (mm) Maximum width (mm) Maximum Length (m) Weight (g/m2) Tensile strength (N/cm) Volume resistivity (Ω-cm) Surface resistivity (Ω)
Vertical Horizontal
Natural / Plain weave BNP-400-10 0.185 700 100 230 260 200 1015 1014

*For details on belt specifications, discuss separately.
*The characteristic values given in the table are the measured values, and not the standards.